Gamit 10.6 svnav.dat Old Version Error

1. Problem Describe

When use sh_sp3fit to process GPS precise ephemris in gamit 10.6, to run command as follow for example:

$ sh_sp3fit -f igs17001.sp3 -o igsf -t sestbl Y

it will give the errors message:

FATAL: ....NGSTOT/lib/svnav_read: Old version of file not supported(Name svnav.dat)
STOP FATAL Error: Stop from report_stat
grep: gigs17001.sp3: no such file or directory

All tables are updated, with svnav.dat link to svnav.dat.gps.

2. Solution

To use svna.dat.gnss to replace
Update/Download gamit tables Address:

3. Reason

In order to support more types of navigation system(such as BDS), gamit update its svnav.dat to a new format rather than IGS ANTEX files. Here are some portions of the documents of gamit_ref 10.6(page 148):

The file svnav.dat gives the correspondences between spacecraft names (some combination of block, orbit, and SV numbers depending on GNSS constellation) and the pseudo-random noise (PRN) numbers that identify the satellite for tracking, along with the satellite’s mass yaw parameters. The table is updated after each launch or change in yaw status. A new format was introduced with Release 10.5 to accommodate GNSS other than GPS and to allow end – times consistent with IGS ANTEX files. A portion of the current (April 2015) table is shown below …

The first line of new version svnav.dat is like:

svnav.dat  Version  2.0      Last changed by rwk 150326

whereas the old version’s is like:

  NSN/PRN #s, masses, and yaw rates satellites.   Last updated by  R. King 170104

Observisously, gamit have stoped the support of old version since version 10.6.

4. Conclusion

If you use the gamit 10.6+, please link svnav.dat to the newest svnav.dat.gnss, otherwise, you should link to svnav.dat.gps.