Terminal Key Map Do not work

When you need a keymap such as Ctrl+H, you may write as <C-h>. However, it may not work as you want. What should you do next? The first thing is that, to determine what the key are interpreted by the terminal in fact. This is a example to the determine which character the keymap ctrl+H passed to terminal.

  1. Open vim, and go to the insert mode
  2. Type ctrl+v, ctrl+h, you may get the ^H(or something else)
  3. Return the normal mode, and then type ga
  4. The status line will show: <^H> 8, Hex 08, Octal 010
  5. Open the terminal, and then type man ascii
  6. Find the corresponding value: 010 8 08 BS '\b'(backspace)

So the Ctrl+H passed to terminal is BS, And then, you should change the value of map to make the keymap working.

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