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Terminal Key Map Do not work

When you need a keymap such as Ctrl+H, you may write as <C-h>. However, it may not work as you want. What should you do next? The first thing is that, to determine what the key are interpreted ...阅读全文
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最近一项目需要对采样的数据进行拟合建模,正常情况下,需要预先建立函数模型,然后再根据样本利用类似最小二乘的办法解算函数模型系数,然而考虑到被采样数据函数模型难以建立,所以需要一种通用函数逼近器。本欲使用小波神经网络来做此事,后来通过IRC好友d0048交流得知,支持向量机(Support Vector Machines,SVM)是一种更经典的通用函数逼近器,而更是得知,台湾大学林智仁(Chih-J...阅读全文
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卡尔曼滤波器又被称作“最佳线性滤波器”,它实现简单,在工程应用面上极广。而GNSS上面,卡尔曼滤波也有着两个主要应用: RTK算法与动态周跳探测。卡尔曼滤波来自于Rudof Emil Kalman在1960年发表的论文《A New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problmes》,此处是下载地址. 本文将以一个简单的例子来帮助理解卡尔曼波器...阅读全文
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Run Firefox Background under Linux

The long start up time of firefox is general, especially with many add-ons. Is there any way to run firefox as background in order to obtain faster start up speed? If under windows, I have no idea, bu...阅读全文
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Underfined Reference to “xxx” When Use GCC

1. Problem DescirblIt is common for us to meet the problem when we use gcc to link and generate the executable problem, such asHence, What should we do next2. Reason and SolutioIt is a command pro...阅读全文
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Gamit 10.6 svnav.dat Old Version Error

1. Problem DescribWhen use sh_sp3fit to process GPS precise ephemris in gamit 10.6, to run command as follow for exampleit will give the errors messageAll tables are updated, with svnav.dat link to...阅读全文
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Compile Qt5.5.1 With Gcc7.2 Under Arch

When compiling qt5.5.1 under arch, I meet some compile errors because of the newer version compiler of python3 and gcc, so just do some record.1. Python3 Type ErroProblem dumpRepair is easy, just fi...阅读全文
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