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Vim Configuration for CMake

In order to edit CMakeLists.txt file more smoothly, Vim needs additional configurations to add some features as followsSo, let's go and implement above.1. Syntax supporPlease install vim-cmake-synta...阅读全文
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使用matlab自带的编辑来写脚本感觉并不美妙,无法享受来自vim操作带来的便利,然而单纯使用vim来编辑,与matlab的交互性并不好,需要进行一定量的配置。所幸linux的工具众多,通过工具的的组合,也得与matlab的交互有了一定量的改善。一、vim插件推荐为了更好地完成matlab程序编辑工作,有一些插件是必须的。1.1 ale或syntastiale/syntastic 是语法检查软件...阅读全文
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一、编辑PKGBUIL二、测试PKGBUIL三、上传PKGBUIL三、更新PKGBUIL修改版本号(至少要把小版本号有所变更),否则无法更新重复上传4-7步四、问题小结打包之后二进制文件体积变小,无法运行。在option选项中增加('!strip')即可。由于makepkg默认移除二进制文件的多余信息(如gcc -g留下的debug信息),但是这种移除有可以会带错误。阅读全文
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Terminal Key Map Do not work

When you need a keymap such as Ctrl+H, you may write as <C-h>. However, it may not work as you want. What should you do next? The first thing is that, to determine what the key are interpreted ...阅读全文
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Run Firefox Background under Linux

The long start up time of firefox is general, especially with many add-ons. Is there any way to run firefox as background in order to obtain faster start up speed? If under windows, I have no idea, bu...阅读全文
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Underfined Reference to “xxx” When Use GCC

1. Problem DescirblIt is common for us to meet the problem when we use gcc to link and generate the executable problem, such asHence, What should we do next2. Reason and SolutioIt is a command pro...阅读全文
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Compile Qt5.5.1 With Gcc7.2 Under Arch

When compiling qt5.5.1 under arch, I meet some compile errors because of the newer version compiler of python3 and gcc, so just do some record.1. Python3 Type ErroProblem dumpRepair is easy, just fi...阅读全文
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MATLAB set figure background

It is ugly to take a screenshot from matlab figure directly because of the grey background. Sometimes I wanna change it to white and look more harmonious.In matlatb, we could use following command to ...阅读全文
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